The CDA experience
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CDA is an independent and generalist Market Research Company founded in 1978 by Catherine DELANNOY.

CDA is known and recognized for its expertise:

  • on the realization of the  “Field” phase  of all types of studies
  • on methods to conduct any kind of study

CDA works with the general public as well as with very specific targets and carries out “ tailor-made ” studies for its clients carried out using Method, Control and Competence.


Our scope

Our targets

BtoC: Customers, consumers, travelers, readers…
BtoB: Customers, HR, General management, Doctors, decision-makers, employees…

Recruited as well on quota, as in the street, at home, on file or not

Business sectors
  • Associations, political parties
  • Automotive industry
  • Distribution / Trade
  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Industry
  • Luxury
  • Media / Advertising / Communication
  • Health
  • Financial Sector (banking, insurance)
  • Public sector (State, local authorities, European communities)
  • Study companies
  • Telecoms and High Technologies
  • Tourism / Hospitality / Catering
  • Transport / Logistics
Our areas of intervention
  • Car Clinic
  • Concept and Use test
  • Mystery shopping survey
  • Travel survey
  • Household survey
  • Satisfaction / loyalty / CRM studies
  • Notoriety study
  • Image study
  • Opinion survey
  • Media study and audience measurement
  • Merchandising study
  • Linear study
  • Readership study
  • Advertising post test
  • Qualitative or quantitative advertising pre-test
  • Customer segmentation
  • Field
  • Testing concepts, names, signatures
  • Complete mix test of products or services (or acceptability and potential)
  • Packaging and design test
  • Price test
  • Ergonomics test
  • Trade-Off
  • Uses and Attitudes
  • Seen / Read editorial
Our à la carte or complete services
  • Survey conception, interview and animation guide
  • Recruitment
  • Quantitative and qualitative studies
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Institute audit
  • Pollster training
  • Market Studies Training
Quantitative Studies
  • ad’hoc, barometric studies, customer panel, national representative / omnibus
  • face to face in the street, in situ, on board, at home, in the dining room; on paper or CAPI (Smartphone or Tablet)
  • by phone, Internet, paper self-administered
Qualitative Studies
  • Recruitment
  • Individual interviews in the classroom, at home or online
  • Recruitment for Home Visit
  • Focus Group on site or online
Our Methodologies
  • Individual interviews
  • Face to Face at home (CAPI, PAPI, CAWI, CATI)
  • Face to Face in the street, on site, in store …
  • Face to Face on site
  • Internet
  • Observation
  • Postal
  • Phone
  • Tracking

Key figures

Over 40 years of experience.
Over 2M € annual turnover average 40% achieved in the transport sector

A few annual average figures :

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face-to-face home interviews administered by pollsters

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self-administered interviews in transportation

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self-administered paper and web interviews

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mystery visits and calls


Over 40 years
serving our customers



Company founded

Catherine Delannoy & Associates by Catherine DELANNOY.


Creation of a school of market studies

Catherine Delannoy & Associates


Creation of an international network of independent institutes.


Olivier JACOB and Blandine Baud partnership

to take over the management and steering of CDA and thus ensure the continuity of the company.


Studies and field teams reinforcement


Office relocation

in the center of Paris and Villeurbanne


They trust us


(50% of our turnover)


(50% of our turnover)


Independent and generalist Market Research Company established in 1978.

We work with the general public as well as specific targets and carry out “tailor-made” studies carried out with Method, Mastery and Proficiency.


Independent and generalist Market Research Society established in 1978.

We work with the general public as well as specific targets and carry out “tailor-made” studies carried out with Method, Mastery and Competence.