A very rigorous
quality approach

CDA, through its experience, places a fundamental value on the validity of surveys and the reliability of studies.

Thus, CDA is part of a very rigorous quality approach based on respect for the methodology and control of results.

The quality system implemented at CDA makes it possible to standardize best practices. Thus all the people of the company contribute to the satisfaction of the customer, from the preparation of the estimate until the return of the results.

Because CDA attaches paramount importance to the quality of studies:

  • we have set up a repository in order to guarantee, in a consistent manner, the reliability and robustness of the information as well as the control of budgets, for all kinds of projects
  • we have been committed for several years to a quality and environmental approach to ensure our customers the realization of tailor-made studies

The foundation of CDA quality system: Method, Control and Competence.

CDA achieved its quality objectives last year:

Delivery times
Deliverable products within the agreed times

95% of the questionnaires were controlled

60% of last year clients are working with us this year

70% of pollsters come from our the social integration program


Continuous training

The training  of all our employees is essential at CDA.

Everyone undergoes continuous training internally:

  • on new techniques for collecting information and their transmission
  • on changes in human relations in the management of a team of pollsters.

The training followed by the pollsters takes up the main basic principles of the teaching provided by the CDA Pollsters Training Center.

Essential Briefings

At the start of each study, an incompressible briefing time is programmed for the management.

During this briefing, the different teams involved in the survey are reviewed and the difficulties inherent to the survey itself are analyzed.

A new briefing then takes place  for the pollsters during which the questionnaire is analyzed, either for a face-to-face interview or on the phone. The risks of slipping and the possible problems that could arise are once again tested on this occasion.

All our clients participate in briefings which promotes better synergy between them and our teams.

Permanent controls

Control procedures are systematically implemented at all times during the project to guarantee the reliability of the studies.

These checks can be:

  • Physical
  • On the phone
  • IT

These control methods not only allow CDA to quickly  detect faults and learn from them in order to react immediately, but also to adapt our training program and enrich employee training.

All these controls are integrated into the quality process as part of the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Independent and generalist Market Research Company established in 1978.

We work with the general public as well as specific targets and carry out “tailor-made” studies carried out with Method, Mastery and Proficiency.

Independent and generalist Market Research Society established in 1978.

We work with the general public as well as specific targets and carry out “tailor-made” studies carried out with Method, Mastery and Competence.

Copyright 2023 CDA. Design GuesHu

Copyright 2023 CDA. Design GuesHu